Transformative Therapies - Providing endless opportunities to Transform Body, Mind and Soul

Thank you for visiting my website!  I provide a variety of services to serve your spiritual healing needs.  I have been in practice for 15 years helping clients to connect more fully to their soul.  

These healing sessions are very useful to help those with natural healing abilities, sensitivities, and caretakers of all kinds (teachers, psychologists, mothers, fathers, farmers, gardeners, nurses, doctors etc.)
Working with your body and soul we can help accelerate the healing processes occuring in your life at this time.  If you have had trauma, surgery, major life changes, heartbreak, or are ready to shift old patterns, energy healing can bring you a great deal of clarity, lightness,  and peace.

Energy Healing may also be very useful for releasing blocked emotions and breaking up old patterns of  behavior which can create change on an emotional, spiritual, and  cellular level.   If you have depression, anxiety, discontent, apathy, fear, jealousy, stagnation, chronic health issues or addiction, or just a sense of something missing, energy healing may be helpful in conjunction with proper medical care, even after only one session.  Energy healing is also useful to restore balance if you just feel off center, overwhelmed,  or  you wish to release anxiety.
I work with your soul, body's innate wisdom, and spirit guides to release blockages, realign your energy, and reconnect you to yourself and your soul.
Choose from a variety of services:
  • Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings 
  • Chakra Classes for Healing 
  • Healing Necklaces and Crystals
  • Herbal remedies
Classes include:
Energetic Hygeine: gives you tools to help ground your energy, open your intuition, safe ways to communicate with your spirit guides, introduction to the chakras, tools to clear and protect your energy, and a journey to meet one of your spirit guides/guardian angels

Chakra classes: 10 classes covering chakras 1-7,  each class providing opportunities to learn about, heal, open, and clear your energy field.

All classes are approximately 2 1/2-4 hours 
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have and give yourself the opportunity to heal and transform any part of your life you want to change!

Session rates vary 
discounts available for single moms, veterans, social workers, and students

or feel free to call or text at 607-227-5897
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